Cosecha Partners S.A. is the natural food industry's trusted supplier of organic and non-GMO seeds, beans, specialty cacao, and other superfoods from the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. 

We source, process, and distribute the highest-quality, premium-certified whole foods and ingredients, working directly with a network of dedicated growers.  We are proud to share Nicaragua's authentic food traditions with the world and support our farmers in preserving their rich agricultural heritage and building sustainable livelihoods. Our whole foods and ingredients are produced much as they have been for generations: by hand, under traditional cultivation practices, and without the use of agro-chemicals. Together with our customers and growing partners, we are cultivating a vision for the future that is more sustainable, equitable, and transparent. We invite you to join our movement!

Check out our video and our story here. Cosecha Partners is committed to contributing more than 50% of its proceeds towards eliminating poverty and combating climate change.

Our Roots

Our Products

Cosecha Partners was born in the farmlands of Nicaragua.  We are a Nicaraguan company committed to preserving Nicaragua's rich agricultural heritage.  We are proud to showcase Nicaragua's premium quality products, its unique heirloom varieties, and the sustainable growing practices of our producers.  

Our Mission

Cosecha Partners is dedicated to improving the lives of farming families in Nicaragua.  We seek to eliminate rural poverty by partnering with smallholder farmers in a sustainable business model that allows producers to improve their production, access more lucrative markets and, ultimately, increase their income and economic resiliency.


We endeavor to build inclusive markets that promote long-term prosperity and environmental stewardship.  At Cosecha Partners, our vision of sustainability means creating shared value for our customers, consumers and growers and the communities they live in.