Botanical Name: Salvia Hispanica L.
Description: Native Nicaraguan whole black chia seed
Purity: Minimum 99.95%
Omega-3 (ALA) Content: Min. 21.5%
Packaging: Retail & bulk
Type: Organic (USDA/NOP & EU)

Our organic black chia seed is produced in the Northern Highlands of Nicaragua at the confluence of three ancient mountain ranges.  Here, in the departments of Esteli, Jinotega and Nueva Segovia, our growers produce rich black chia seeds on hillsides and valley floors that average 1500 feet of elevation.  It is the same chia that was brought to Nicaragua from Central Mexico around 1000 AD and uniquely adapted to local growing conditions. We are proud of the tradition our growers carry forward and support them in ensuring that every chia seed is produced under sustainable agricultural practices to its optimal nutritional profile. 

At harvest, our chia seed is reaped and threshed by hand only once it has naturally ripened in the field.  It is a labor-intensive task that is done with great care to ensure only mature seeds are collected.  We then acopia our product at local collection points for consolidation and quality control before sending the product to our processing facility in Sebaco.  We clean and package our chia under Good Manufacturing Practices before sending it to our customers and consumers in North America and around the world.