Botanical Name: Moringa Oleifera
Description: Organic Moringa Leaf Powder
Origin: Nicaragua
Appearance: Green Powder
Taste: Green and earthy, reminiscent of spinach
Certifications: USDA and EU Organic

Moringa may be the most complete, nutrient-dense plant in the world. Often referred to as the "miracle tree" or "tree of life", Moringa is a multipurpose plant that packs an incredible and complex nutritional profile. The leaves are particularly rich in protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C and minerals, and it is the rare plant that contains all nine essential amino acids. It also contains over 46 antioxidants and is a good source of Omega 3 and 6. Moringa leaves are commonly used as a natural energy booster and dietary supplement.  

In Nicaragua, the plants goes by the name Marango and is grown primarily along the pacific slope of the country. Here, in the rich volcanic soils and semi-tropical climates of Chinandega and Leon, Moringa finds its optimal growing environment. In recent years, Nicaragua has emerged as a center for cultivation and research on Moringa, producing some of the highest verified yields for intensive leaf production. The plant has also been promoted for its enormous potential to combat malnutrition and support community health initiatives in Nicaragua. 

We produce our Moringa leaves and seeds on our certified organic farm in Chinandega.  We harvest only young, fresh leaves and dry them at low temperatures to maintain the nutritional integrity of the product.