Cosecha Partners was launched based on the idea that food connects us all, and that healthy, whole foods can bring together smallholder farmers and consumers in a sustainable food system that improves the lives of everyone involved.  In 2012, we set out to demonstrate that smallholder farmers in Nicaragua could be critical and successful participants in the natural foods industry by producing the highest quality specialty foods and ingredients.  Inspired by Nicaragua’s rich agricultural heritage and deeply committed to its sustainable development, we founded Cosecha Partners as a local Nicaraguan entity, part of a new generation of mission-driven food enterprises working directly with farmers to build a better supply chain from the ground up.

Our Model

Motivated by this vision, we work directly with farmers from seed to sale, building long-term partnerships based on fairness, trust, and respect. Under these principles, we help our growers access more lucrative value chains, increase their productivity, and improve the quality of the foods they produce.  We do this by offering professional agronomic assistance, access to finance, and a secure market.  We also help our growers implement sustainable growing practices and ethical business standards, including organic and Fair Trade.  By supporting small-scale farmers in Nicaragua to produce the highest-quality whole foods, and bringing those foods to market in a way that is equitable, transparent, and market-focused, we are cultivating a more inclusive, sustainable global food system for the 21st century. 

In the beginning...

We started by working with chia producers in the northern highlands of Nicaragua.  The ancient “superfood” represented the perfect opportunity to showcase Nicaragua’s unique heirloom chia varietal while building the value chain between smallholder farmers and a rapidly growing, lucrative market.  Although farmers had grown chia in Nicaragua for generations, they had little experience accessing formal markets or meeting international quality standards.  Together with a small, bold group of producers, we managed that first season to export one of the first full container loads of chia from Nicaragua to the United States. In doing so, we helped pioneer and promote an important new market and sustainable income stream for farming families in an isolated and economically disadvantaged region of Nicaragua.  


In the years that have followed, we have steadily grown our business and impact, entering into new value chains, expanding our client base to Asia and Europe, and building new supplier relationships through our outreach programs. We have traveled along hundreds of miles of dusty back roads in the Nicaraguan campo, meeting with farmers, organizing training programs, and searching for the most authentic native varietals.  Along the way, we have collected countless stories, but it is the relationships we have forged with our growers and the movement we have built together that we are most proud of. Today, we continue to believe strongly in growing our business based on our loyalty to our customers and growers and our ongoing commitment to consistently delivering the highest quality products through our sustainable, shared-value approach.