Cultivating Healthy Communities

Business is all about people. That’s why we put people at the center of our enterprise. At Cosecha Partners, we fully commit ourselves to the health and prosperity of our customers, growers and the communities where they live. We are entirely dedicated to providing healthy foods that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety. At the same time, our market-based approach allows smallholder farmers in Nicaragua to become successful and critical participants in global supply chains. We make this happen by investing in our growers as long-term business partners, providing professional agronomic assistance, value-add certifications, and a stable market.  We also partner with local development agencies, international donors, and other like minded organizations to offer our growers technical training, capacity building, and technology transfer to continuously improve their practice. 

As part of our sustainability approach, we are particularly careful to take a responsible approach to the environment.  We commit ourselves to sustainable resource management and work to mitigate the effects of global climate change.  We work with growers that demonstrate awareness of environmental issues, adhere to sustainable agriculture practices, and use resources as efficiently as possible to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing their productivity.

Our Sustainability Model